chad rajski

chad rajski

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First Name * chad
Last Name * rajski
Username * cmann64
Country * USA
City osceola
Languages English



Availability: student


The one thing that I hope to achieve with all the time and money that I put into this art stuff is to have the chance to create artwork for the games, books, and movies that make this world a happier place. Don't get me wrong. I am a big fan of dark humor, but seeing my artwork make a lot of people laugh or smile gives me a great feeling inside and the drive to keep on goin'.
I have been doing art on computers and in my sketchbook for the past few years while studying graphics and animation both up here in Indiana and down in Orlando, Fl (word to my homeys down at Full Sail :) .) Right at the moment, I am working on my BA of drawing and painting, and it feels great to get back to some traditional means of creating art and start blinking my eyes again.
I'll try to get my art on here as I create it. All of the work that I see on here leaves me feeling inspired and a little intimidated, but determined. Hope to impress. Have fun everybody.


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